Yahoo Finance is a great free tool you can use to manage your portfolio, and keep track of it’s progress.

You can create a logon via the website and then start creating your portfolio. You can add the stocks you own, when you purchased them, how many you bought and at what price. Yahoo then does the rest for you. It calculates your average price, your daily move and you overall change and profit/loss.


As Yahoo Finance has so much fundamental information available, you can set up views and add columns as you wish too. Columns such as dividend per share, dividend yield, PE, market cap, volume etc. are all useful pieces of information for you.

If you have a lot of stock holdings you can create multiple portfolios and split it how you want. I have a section created for each sector I’m invested in. That way I can see the performance of the individual stocks, the performance of the different sectors and the summary of the whole portfolio together.


There is also the mobile app which allows you to monitor your portfolio on the go. The app also has all the Yahoo Finance news, but when you are viewing your portfolio it shows you the news specific to you holdings.

As well as adding your holdings, you can also add watch lists for stocks you are monitoring.

The app will give you alerts and notifications for stocks that are in your lists such as significant daily increase or decrease, 52 week highs or lows, and any breaking news.

Yahoo Finance has a lot of other features and information available, but this portfolio management feature I use every day and find it really useful.

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