TradingView is a stock charting and analysis software. Like most investment tools there is a free version and a subscription version.

There are several other tools for my fundamental analysis that have perfectly good charting capabilities for technical analysis but I always find myself defaulting back to TradingView for charting. The tool is easy to use and visually very clean and nice to work with. It has all the indicators and information available that I need.

I use TradingView for basic technical analysis for my investment portfolio, but also use it for the more advanced technical analysis required for short term trading.

TradingView has a lot of other useful features such as stock screeners, alerts, notifications, watchlists and advanced features allowing links to brokers. There is also news feeds, chats and idea sharing if you are looking for the social sharing features.

If you are looking for a simple easy to use to charting software or wanting more of the advanced settings I recommend trying TradingView.

Below is a link to their site for more information and also a referral link that can provides bonuses to both of us if you did decided to sign up (no obligation). Everyone loves a referral bonus!

Click the button below to visit their website.