Seeking Alpha is a platform of news and information that is crowd sourced, which means the information is created by a wide range of contributors from individual investors to industry experts.

As well as the news and research, Seeking Alpha has other tools available such as stock screeners, stock ratings etc. Some of the elements are free and others are available through subscription services.

I only use the basic free services, but I find it very useful. You can set up a free account with Seeking Alpha, and this allows you to build a portfolio of your holdings and watch lists. You can then download the app to your phone and get alerts on news or research articles released for your stocks.

As the content is written by a number of different contributors, you can get different points of view. For example someone will release an article explaining why they believe a stock is priced to high and is due to drop. Then there will be another article saying there is a 10% potential increase due in that same stock. Now this might sound like useless information, however it can be very useful to hear the different opinions, and it can help challenge your own thoughts.

Listening to news and research from a single source means you are always getting the same opinion. This multi contributor format gives you different perspectives. You should never make your investment decisions from other peoples opinions anyway, so use their research and information as another source of input into your decision making. After a while you will start to recognise certain contributors that you respect more than others, you can decide to “follow” these and get notified then they release something.

A lot of people comment on each article, this can also make for an interesting read. You do need to be careful with the comments though and do not believe everything you read.

Another useful element of Seeking Alpha is the pre-earnings and post-earnings notifications. Here you will find what the general feeling is and what the analysts are expecting. As soon as the earnings are released you will get a headline explaining if the company hit or missed expectations, followed shortly by the detailed earnings information.

The one downside to point out is the bias for the American markets. It is a lot more useful for your US based stocks and not so good for your UK based stocks.

I find Seeking Alpha a useful source of information, and use the content daily.

Use the link below to see the Seeking Alpha site and services available.