FREE TRADE is a no frills broker with Free Commissions. So you do not get any research or fancy charting platforms – you get a simple app, a catalog of available assets and free commissions!

I use Freetrade to add to more holdings in small regular positions or to take up small positions in speculative stocks. As it is a commission free broker you can buy in small positions without the commission impacting your profit margins.


The app is easy to use and there is a community forum which has some good conversations and sharing. The community forum is also where people can request improvements and additions to the app as well as new stocks and ETF’s to be added to the catalog.

I think Freetrade is an excellent app and I believe it has provided the opportunity for people to invest that would usually not get involved. Due to it being simple to use, the commissions being free and the community being fun and relaxed, it has encourage a new wave of investors. You do not need a lot of money to start investing anymore! You can now start with something as little as £10 and starting building slowly each month. Just make sure you are doing your research and learning.

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Or you can access their webstie and forum via this link: