Finbox is the ultimate fundamental toolbox and is especially useful for value investors due to the fair value calculations and multiple models at your disposal.

It has a number of useful tools such as screeners and watchlists with all the fundamental measures and data you need. There is also an ideas section with a number of portfolios including some famous investors portfolios like Warren Buffett.

A lot of sites have available screeners and watch lists but what gives Finbox the edge is their financial models. They create financial model templates for multiple calculations providing fair values for each calculation. They provide you with the models so you can make your own alterations and add your own assumptions. I spent many hours, days and weeks learning about fair value and building models before I found Finbox. Their models and the ability make your own alterations has saved me an incredible amount of time.

As well as having all this information available, they also have spreadsheet add-ons for google sheets and excel which allow you to import the data directly into your own sheets.

Finbox does provide some of the basic elements for free but the majority of the functionality is accessible via a subscription. You can pay monthly or can get a discount if paying annually. If you are a serious investor, especially a value investor the subscription is excellent value.

I pay for the subscribed services for UK & US Stocks and it has now become critical to my investing decissions.

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