DividendMax offers a free subscription services that allows you to register for dividend notifications for your stocks.

It is a simple tool but if you are investing for income and building a dividend portfolio it is useful information directly to your inbox, and it is one less thing for you to actively monitor.

You simply go to the website and register for the email service. You do no need to create a password or an account, they will send you an email with a specific link showing you what you have subscribed for.

You search for the stocks you own and enter how many shares you have. When that company declares a dividend DividendMax will let you know what the amount is, the important dates and the amount you will receive. Simple!

DividendMax also has a number of other great features available which are part of it’s premium subscription, I have never subscribed to these so can’t comment on them just yet.

Click the button below to visit their website and subscribe.