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Hints and Tips from total beginners. Don’t go into investing blind without a plan as you may as well be gambling.


There are many investable assets available to invest in all with their own attributes and risks. A diversified portfolio might contain more than one asset class. CASH Cash is the safest of all the assets as there is very little chance of loss. As most cash investments are protected up to £85,000 by the Financial…

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There are many different investment strategies available and they are often executed differently. Which strategies you use and how you use it will depend on your personal preferences. It will also depend on your goals and risk levels. To simplify it you will find below a brief description of 3 key strategies. VALUE INVESTING OR…

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There is a fundamental difference to being an investor or being a trader and it is important to understand which set of skills you are trying to develop. Whilst it is possible to be a trader and an investor, I would strongly advise focusing on one skill at a time. INVESTOR An investor is a…

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WHAT DO YOU WANT? The first thing you need to consider is why you are investing – Create Investment Goals. What do you want to achieve? Investing without a specific purpose will result in random investments that do not deliver what you need. Think of it like going shopping without making a list or planning.…

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RISK AND REWARD? Understanding your risk level is critical to understanding the investment strategy you should follow. It is also crucial that you understand that there is always risk involved when investing. You need to understand risk and manage it. RISK AND REWARD come hand in hand. If you are only willing to risk a small loss…

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