Trading 212 is another commission free trading broker. Similar to Freetrade I use these mainly for topping up my dividend stocks.

I generally have a bit of cash available in my Trading 212 account that is not yet invested. This money is available for me to use if a particular stocks becomes available at a price I think is good value. Due to Trading 212 having free commissions, I can afford to buy small amounts to top up my current holdings.

The free commissions allow me to invest in speculation stocks (High Risk, High Reward), where I don’t want to invest a lot of my money. These are more for fun than part of my strategy to deliver my goals. I can buy small amounts so that I am not risking too much, but can enjoy watching them.

There is a very easy to use mobile app and a nice and simple web platform that gives you the option to create watch lists and do some basic charting. It is all well laid out very easy to navigate.


When making a trade with Trading212 you also have the option to create your order with a limit price, which is a really useful option especially if you are wanting to avoid slippage (slippage is when your order completes at a different price to when you submitted the order). If the stock is a volatile one or you are unlucky, the size of the slippage can be quite significant.


There is also another very nice feature for people with small accounts that would like to invest in some of the expensive big boys like Amazon. Trading 212 has the ability to purchase fractional shares. At the time of writing this, Amazon is currently priced at $2,079.28! So at the current exchange rate you would need £1,612.78 just to buy 1 share. The fractional trading allows you buy a proportion of a share so you can at least start to add them to your portfolio.

When signing up for an account with Trading 212 you have 3 different account types available. The “Invest” account which is the standard investing account, the “ISA” which is the stocks and shares ISA and the “CFD” account which allows you to trade stocks, forex, indices etc with leverage. I have only used the “Invest” standard investment account so can not comment on the others. However I have had no issues with the Invest account and it does everything I need it to for my dividend building investments and my “bit of fun” speculative dabbles.

Access the site below for more information. Always do your own due diligence.