I’m a 40-ish year old guy who enjoys investing in the stock market and does the occasional bit of trading too.

I have a full time 9 to 5 job that has nothing to do with the stock markets, and a wife and kids that have no interest in the stock markets!

British born and bred – I’m a simple family guy who works hard. I am certainly not rich, but I am also far from poor – so count my self lucky to be in the “comfortable” bracket.

Chasing the multi-millionaire dream is not why I’m here (don’t get me wrong.. I’ll take it), and I have absolutely no interest in being famous (that i would not thank you for!)

I invest (and occasionally trade) for two reasons. One because I work hard for my money, so I want my money to work hard for me, and two because I enjoy it!

The aim is to have financial freedom, to have enough money to be able to stop the 9-5 but continue the life we have now – I’m not greedy I just want to do what I want, when I want….(probably a little bit greedy)

What I do not want from life is to have to work 40 hours per week until I am 67 so that I can retire with my pension.


By complete accident!

Several years ago my wife got made redundant and decided to go back into full time education, meaning our monthly income pretty much halved overnight.

We needed to use the redundancy money to top up my income each month, but it was not going to last the full term of the education. This is when I started looking into how to make our savings work harder for us, and when I stumbled across investing.

I was trying to see if I could not only make the money stretch until she was qualified and earning again, but maybe even still have some savings left over…. we have kids after all…. and they are starting to get more and more expensive!

So this is when I started teaching myself about investing and the stock markets.


I am definitely not a professional investor! However I have been investing for a while now and although I am no millionaire, I am managing to increase our family’s wealth quarter by quarter even after we cut the monthly income by half, so I must be doing something right!

It took me a long time to work out what sort of investor I am, but I have learnt that my preference is long term investing in individual stocks. It works well for me and I can manage it while working full time. I like to split my investments across all areas: I love my safe and steady high yield dividend stocks, but I also like a percentage of my portfolio in growth stocks…..and I just can’t help myself having a little portion in the high risk speculation stocks for a bit of fun.

I do occasionally do some short term trading and have played in several different areas. I have day traded and swing traded stocks, day traded and swing traded commodities and done a bit of Forex trading. Day trading stocks was too fast and high risk for me, especially the small caps. However I do enjoy swing trading stocks and commodities, it is just harder to do while working full time.

So hopefully I can help others take their first steps in the markets, while also sharing my learning’s as I venture into new areas of the vast world of investing and trading in the financial markets!

Not my car…not my house… but my Virgin Galactic investment will cover it in a few year πŸ™‚