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Finimize is a finance community that is run through its mobile app. Its mission is to empower people to be confident with their own investments. To do this, they provide news, analysis and educational material for all topics related to financial markets and financial independence.

They have created a brand that delivers serious topics interesting, fun, and easy to understand. See below for their mantras:

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Finimize are as much about the community as they are about the material they supply. They want to get everyone involve, especially the younger generations. They also promote the Finimize community to support and help each other share their ideas, research and thoughts. Life is busy, and Finimize attempts to help us give information quicker with less complication and with a little bit of fun involved.


I mentioned in the above section that Finimize is all about the community. Unlike most companies that make it an impossible task to get hold of them, Finimize actively promotes getting in touch. They want you to contact them, get involved in the community. They even encourage you to drop in for a coffee and host monthly brainstorm & beers sessions!

There are regular online events created to cover a huge range of topics, from hedging against inflation to investing in cannabis. They also hold face to face meetups around the world if you are interested.

Personally, I am a big fan of their community Whatsapp groups. Finimize puts groups of its subscribers together in a WhatsApp group (88 in my current group). We discuss specific topics, share analysis and resources, and challenge each other’s thoughts and opinions. This is where Finimize try to get the community to support and learn from each other. The WhatsApp groups are lead by a member of Finimize, and there are regular visits from Finimize analysts. Still, the forum is open to anyone in the group to discuss any of their topics. The groups are also a mix of total beginners and more experienced investors aiming to provide learning and challenge for everyone involved.


Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting on your investment journey, you will find more news than you can read. Finimize, try to pick out some of the key elements you could be interested in and provide them to you in a quick and easy to understand manner. Every morning there is a Daily Brief with headlines from the financial markets covered within 5 minutes. You also have the option to read this or to listen to it. For me, it is perfect for listening to while I have coffee, and I can then look up further details on any topics I am particularly interested in.

Finimize Daily Brief
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You will also find regular insights released, which can be about anything from cryptocurrencies and IPOs to inflation and market bubbles. They can cover broad topics or deeper analysis on specific stock such as “What’s Airbnb really worth?”.

Many of the articles are written by the Finimize analysis, but they have recently started releasing Finimizers (members) stock pitches. These are articles written about particular investments and why the subscriber believes they could be a good investment. These are moderated by Finimize to ensure quality but are genuinely the thoughts and opinions of the community.

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The guides section of Finimize is exactly what it sounds like. There are many articles and posts written to help you understand or learn more about particular topics. The topics cover anything from general wealth management and pensions to cryptocurrencies and investing in property. The articles can cover basics such as “An introduction to Cryptocurrency” or can be helpful further along your journey such as “Investing like the 1%” or “Rebalancing your portfolio”.

Finimize Guides
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