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June 6, 2021 1 By bullheadedbear
SharePad Screens
SOURCE: SharePad

Welcome to our SharePad review, continue reading to find out more about SharePad’s functionalities as well as a special SharePad discount offer for Bull Headed Bear readers.


What is SharePad?
Company Fundamental Analysis
Technical Analysis – Price Action
Investment Portfolio Management
Investment Screening & Stock Filtering
Market Overview
Training & Support
SharePad Discount Offer

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What is SharePad?

SharePad is an all-in-one investor toolkit and is probably the most complete platform available for private investors. It has fundamental data, stock screeners, charting capabilities, portfolio management and much more. In addition, it is a browser-based platform so that you can connect to your account from any device with browser capabilities.

UK, US, and European stocks are all included as well as funds, investment trusts, ETFs, Indices, commodities, bonds, forex, and cryptocurrencies. It is the perfect toolkit for anyone serious about active investing, beginners or advanced.

As a partner of SharePad, I have available an excellent offer for new subscribers, which I detail at the bottom of this post. If you want to jump straight to the offer, click the below image

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Fundamental Analysis

To find good stocks, you need fundamental data. SharePad has all the information available for you to do a quick review or a detailed deep dive.

A convenient single page view provides you with the company information, overview of the financials & ratios, latest news, analysts’ consensus, and more.

SharePad Single Page
SOURCE: SharePad

Or you can accomplish deeper fundamental analysis by reviewing all the historical statements (income statement, balance sheets, cash flow) as well as the forecasts.

SharePad - Financials
SOURCE: SharePad

SharePad offers some valuation modelling in the investor tools section but this functionality is limited at the moment. If you are interested in valuation models, Finbox has a comprehensive range of models available.

Technical Analysis

Not only does SharePad have all the data available for thorough fundamental analysis, but it also has the capabilities for all technical analysis you require.

SharePad Charting
SOURCE: SharePad

You can change the view from 1-minute charts through to monthly charts and view lines, candles, Heikin-Ashi or any of your preferred formats. There are also many indicators, moving averages and line studies for you to use as you wish. In addition, you can save all views so you can quickly switch between your short term views and long term views or flick between different indicator setups. Additionally, as SharePad also allows you to manage your stock portfolio in the tool, you can view your buys and sells. You can also view the ex-dividend and pay dates, and display insider buying or selling.

Because SharePad has split views (which you can configure), you can easily switch between stocks in your portfolio or your stocks in your watch lists; and the chart will automatically update.

SharePad_Screen Split
SOURCE: SharePad

SharePad has all the technical analysis functionality most people require however if you require more advanced charting software I recommend TradingView.

SharePad Bull Headed Bear Offer

Manage Stock Portfolio

A personal favourite of mine is the portfolio management functionality. This allows you to monitor your transactions and your stock portfolio performance. In addition, you can visualise your stock portfolio performance vs a benchmark such as the FTSE 100 or SP500 to see how your performance compares.

It provides you with a quick view of today’s performance, 1 month, 12 months and year to date performance so you can see the short term and the long term progress. It also displays how much you have invested in each asset, your average price, unrealised profits, total profits, and the % return on investment. You can also manage multiple stock portfolios or split your portfolios for better visibility.

SOURCE: SharePad

All the portfolio and transaction data can be extracted, and there is also a handy tax view that splits your capital gains and dividends by tax year.

Finding good stock – Filtering & Screening

To help you find good stocks, SharePad also has excellent screening functionality. This allows you to search or filter through all the stocks for any criteria. For example, you can search for companies in a specific sector or industry, particular exchange or by market cap. You can also filter on fundamental information such as EBITDA growth, gross profit, cash ratio, or technical data such as above 200 day moving average.

If you have a particular strategy or strict investment rules, SharePad can help you filter the markets to find the potential.

SharePad Filter Small Caps
SOURCE: SharePad

You do not have to develop your own filters either. SharePad has a wide range of pre-built filters for any strategy. There are new filters added regularly from SharePad and other investors.

SharePad Ben Graham Filter
SOURCE: SharePad
SharePad Bull Headed Bear Offer

SharePad Market Overview

There is a market view option available which you can configure as you need. It allows you to quickly see an overview of indices, risers, and fallers from specific markets and upcoming events. This is useful to get a general feel of what is going on in the markets.

SOURCE: SharePad

SharePad Support & Training

Tools like this can be intimidating when you first start using them. However, SharePad has a lot of material (documents & videos) to help you through any sections you what to learn more about. They also have support and customer service available via phone, email and even a chat forum within the application.

If you subscribe using the referral link below, you can also access free one-to-one training from one of their experts

SharePad Support Screen
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SharePad Offer

I am incredibly pleased to be able to offer Bull Headed Bear readers a special offer on new subscriptions to SharePad:

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All in one investor’s toolbox. Portfolio management, screening, fundamentals & charts.

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