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May 1, 2021 0 By bullheadedbear
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Yahoo Finance Investment News
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Yahoo Finance News

Yahoo Finance has all the latest news related to the financial markets and economies. It pulls in articles from many publishers and creates its own reports.

There are several ways to view the Finance & business news in Yahoo Finance. The first is via the home page, which shows you all the latest news from various publishers. The second is to click on the news tab, which shows you all the Yahoo Finance created news articles. These two options will show you news on anything related to Business & Finance.

Yahoo Finance News

The final way to view news using Yahoo Finance is to search for a specific item. For example, you can search for information on a particular company like Apple or find commodities such as gold or lumber. You can also search for specific cryptocurrencies or funds.

When using the search functionality to search for specific assets, the news is filtered only to be relevant to that asset. Additionally, if you search for a particular company, the list will display articles related to its competitors or specific to that industry.

Yahoo Finance Apple News

I also consider Finimize or NewsNow as other options for investment news. If you need more advanced information such as RSNs, consider a more powerful investing platform such as SharePad.

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Company Fundament Data

Yahoo Finance has an incredible amount of fundamental data available for a completely free service. For example, if you search for a particular company, you will find technical information, fundamental data, analyst ratings and more.

The summary section shows you the basic chart; however, you can view it in full-screen mode and add chart indicators. You will also see some of the headline fundamental data such as market cap, beta, PE ratio, dividend yield and EPS.

Yahoo Finance Company Summary and stock chart

If you want to see more financial data, you can click on the financials section to access current and historical income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements. In addition, you can switch the view between annual figures or quarterly figures. However, you need to ensure you know what currency the financials are displayed in, as they are not always the same currency the company trades in or their statements are released.

Yahoo Finance Apple Financials - fundamental analysis

There is a lot more information available such as conversations related to the company (take it with a pinch of salt), options data and sustainability scores.

However, there are two other sections that I find helpful. The first is the analyst data which shows you what the analysts are saying. This shows you how analysts rate the stock (buy/sell/hold, etc.), the price targets, and even the financial forecasts.

Yahoo Finance Analysts

The holders’ section is also handy. The holders’ section provides you with interesting information about who holds the shares. Statistics displayed can provide a good view of ownership, such as the percentage of shares are owned by insiders, top institutional holders and top mutual funds. You can also see transactions made by insiders and if they are buying or selling, which can sometimes give you an indication of what is going on behind the scenes (however, that is not an exact science!).

yahoo finance holders

The free fundamental data from Yahoo Finance is enough for many investors. However, if you require more advanced fundamental data, consider SharePad or Finbox. In addition, if you want to learn how to read financial statements or more advanced fundamental analysis, Corporate Finance Institute (CFI)® have some free courses and certification programs.

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Stock Portfolio Management

One particular feature from Yahoo Finance that I use regularly is portfolio management and watchlists. If you create a free account with Yahoo Finance, you can create multiple watch lists or portfolios and record your holdings.

The watchlists are very simple as you can create a list with a name you wish and add specific tickers/symbols to the list. The portfolios are a bit more advanced as you can add lots for when you purchased shares, including the date and cost. The portfolio then displays your daily and total gains (or losses).

Yahoo Finance Stock Portfolio Management

This feature is excellent for basic stock portfolio management and watchlists. However, if you require more advanced portfolio management features, consider SharePad.


Yahoo Finance App

The screenshots in this post are all from the web-based view of Yahoo Finance. There is, however, a Yahoo Finance app you can install on your phone or tablet that will allow you to access this information on the go.

The app is handy for checking the news or the general market performance. It is also convenient to quickly view your portfolios or watchlists to see how they perform intraday.

Yahoo Finance App Free Stock Portfolio Management

You can also configure the app to alert you on news items or stock price moves. For example, you can set up price alerts if a stock hits a specific price, or you will get alerts on stocks in your portfolio or watch list that has significant price moves within the day.

The app also has a view that allows you to see the upcoming earnings release for stocks in your watchlist or portfolio. When the earnings are released, you will receive alerts informing you if they have beat or missed analysts’ expectations.


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