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March 23, 2021 0 By bullheadedbear

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What is Finbox?
Finbox Stock Watchlists
Finbox Investment Ideas
Finbox Stock Screener
Finbox Data Explorer
Fundamental Data Charts
Financial Models & Stock Valuation
Finbox Pricing

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What is Finbox?

Finbox is the ultimate investors’ toolbox providing you with fundamental data, financial models and fair value calculations. Finbox is ideal for value investors due to the vast amount of pre-built financial models available, each with intrinsic value calculations.

It has several useful features to help investors, including watchlists, screeners, ideas and all the data you could ever need. However, the fundamental analysis and the financial models make this platform one of my most used tools.

As you work with Finbox, you can see it has been designed and built by analysts. So not only does it provide you with data and information, it tells you what the data means and how it is calculated.

Please continue reading to see details on its functionality.

Finbox Stock Watch lists

Finbox allows you to create multiple watchlists that you can name, save, edit and even export. Several different views are already set up, and you have the option to create your own. You can set up views using all the available data and easily swap and change things around.

Finbox Investment Ideas

There is an ideas section with many portfolios, including famous investors’ portfolios like Warren Buffett. This section provides you with hundreds of ideas grouped by investment themes, notable investors, hedge funds, and investment advisors.

You can also filter on these portfolios by return, investor type or sector.

Bull Headed Bear Finbox

Finbox Stock Screener

The screener is very useful to help you find stocks based on your particular strategy or requirements. It allows you to filter by any fundamental data available from ratios to markets, sectors and even the gap to Finbox fair values.

You can switch and create different views to further analyse the list, just as you can with the watchlists. You can even export the list if you wish. A handy indicator also tells you the number and % of stocks being returned by your screener vs the total market. This is incredibly useful to help you narrow down your search based on your investment strategy.

Finbox Data Explorer

The data explorer is handy if you need to understand the details or are just learning and want to understand what the data means. You can search for any metric or fundamental data point for a specific company. It gives you some high-level analysis such as averages over the years and compares them to competitors and sector averages. It also explains exactly what the metric or data set is, and if it is a ratio or measure, it explains how it is calculated.

This section is useful for researching a company and helps you learn and understand all the various fundamental data elements.

Finbox Fundamental Data Charts

The charts are for visualising the different data sets and looking at price action with indicators. Again you can add any of the data for any company. In addition, you can add multiple data sets to the chart to compare and add various companies to the same chart.

It allows you to flex the charting as you see fit, and then you can save or download the chart for reference.

These charts help view trends or progress for individual stocks or compare different companies.

Finbox Financial Models & Stock Valuations

The financial models are what sets Finbox apart from other data providers.

They run several different models for most stocks, such as discounted cash flow models (dcf), multiple valuations and dividend discount models (DDM). These models provide you with stock valuations you can use to compare with your valuations and confirmation or challenge your investment ideas. In addition, you can export the financial models to excel or google docs. The downloads allow you to view the calculations and alter specific values or the assumptions Finbox have made.

Finbox Financial models and valuations - fair value calculation - intrinsic value calculation
Finbox Models

If you are interested in learning how to build financial models, see our review of CFI – Corporate Finance Institute, which provides online financial modelling training. Click here for the review.

Finbox Cost

Finbox has a free option to access some functionality but limited features and stocks.

Then there are three paid options, with the first being the Starter option at $120/year for US markets and most online features. The Executive option defaults to the US & Europe with a data boost (download models & data) of $300/year. Then the Professional option is $792 a year for all features, markets and data boosts.

You can add and remove different features such as markets or the data boost to change your set-up and pricing plan. You can also choose to pay monthly or quarterly; however, there is a significant discount for paying annually.

Bull Headed Bear Finbox

All in one investor’s toolbox. Portfolio management, screening, fundamentals & charts.

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Advanced fundamental analysis with financial modelling & fair value calculations.

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