BHB Investment Portfolio Update – NOV 2020

December 5, 2020 0 By bullheadedbear





Virgin Galactic (SPCE): +48%
Mirriad Advertising Plc: +42%
Banco Santander SA: +38%
Aston Martin Lagonda Global Holdings Plc: +34%
Royal Dutch Shell Plc: +33%
Reach Plc: +30%
Lloyds Banking Group Plc: +27%
Barclays Plc: +26.3%
BP Plc: +26%
Aviva Plc: +25%
Anglo America Plc: +22%
Vodafone Plc: +20%
Greatland Gold Plc: +20%
Walt Disney Co: +19%
iShares FTSE UK DIV Plus: +17%
Nokia Corp: +16%
Diageo Plc: +15%
Boohoo Plc: +15%
Take-Two Interactive Software Inc.: +13%
iShares FTSE 100: +12%
Rio Tinto Plc: +11%
Tesco Plc: +11%
HL Select Global Growth: +10%
Morrisons Supermarkets Plc: +10%
NCC Group Plc: +7%
GVC Holdings Plc: +7%
Apple Inc.: +6%
GlaxoSmithKline Plc: +6%
LM Ericsson: +6%
Unilever Plc: +6%


Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd: -16%
Centamin Plc: -9%
iShares Physical Silver: -8%
Gfinity Plc: -8%
Anglo Pacific Group Plc: -5%


Last month I said I was expecting the markets to drop in November due to continuous uncertainty with the US elections and Brexit getting messy, I was wrong! Well the US elections were messy with Trump spitting his dummy out and contesting everything, and Brexit was still no clearer. However the vaccine news started to come in and the markets went into overdrive.

The portfolio had a great month finishing up over 8% and taking the year to date performance above +12%. I had a lot of stocks that were up over 10% and the month would have been better if it wasn’t for Alibaba taking a big hit, which happens to one of my bigger holdings.

The only stocks I purchased where in Intel Corp. Yet again they are getting news that is keeping their stock price down. It’s one I need to keep a close eye on as the news is building against them but the price is just so low I had to add to the position.

I sold Walgreen Boots Alliance Inc. and Cisco Systems inc. which I only had small positions in. They were originally bought as more of a shorter term trade when all the stock prices were dropping big. I was expecting these to pick back up quickly with them being in the healthcare and tech sectors but I called them wrong. When the vaccine news broke and the majority of stock prices started rising rapidly I noticed these two didn’t really move. This was a warning flag for me and as I only held small positions in them I decided to cut them lose.

Another strong month for dividends which finished 66% up verses November 2019 dividends. I did receive a big special dividend from Trans-Siberian Gold which I did sell last month, so I wont be receiving that next year.

All in all I crazy month but great results. It feels rewarding that I have held my nerve through the dark times and not sold when the prices were dropping at a scary rate in March.


Intel Corp. (INTC)

Buy Price: £34.35 / $45.20
Fair Value Calculation: £50.73 / $65.43
Analysts Estimates: £44.55 / $58.75
Dividend Yield: 3.0%

I have explained in previous posts my reasons for buying into Intel Corp. so I wont repeat myself. There was a big rally this month and Intel didn’t seem to follow it. There is more news coming out linked to competitors that are having an impact on Intel’s stock price. At the moment the price to me is still undervalued, but I need to keep a close eye on this.

Intel are still a power house at the moment, but I need to watch the chip space to make sure Intel does end up becoming redundant in the longer term.


Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. (WBA)

Sale Price: £29.41 / $40
Profit/Loss: -8%

I bought in to Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. this year as a short term swing trade. Due to it being a shorter term trade rather than a longer term investment I did not do as much research as I normally would. When the price didn’t start rising like all the other stocks when the vaccine news broke I decided to get out of this trade. I don’t know enough about the fundamentals but if the price isn’t rising with the majority it means the big players are not getting involved. Luckily I didn’t buy much so it has not done the overall portfolio any real damage.

Cisco Systems Inc.

Sale Price: £31.67 / $42.10
Profit/Loss: -14%

This is the same situation as Walgreen Boots Alliance. It was planned as a short term trade with the expectation it was going to recover quickly. It didn’t recover and the vaccine news didn’t really shift it so cut my loses and move on to something I’m more confident in.


I will be writing up some of my analysis in the coming months so look out for that.

As mentioned previously there are 4 areas I’m particularly interested in.

Gaming & eSports
I will be watching out for progress of Gfinity Plc. but will be starting research on Activision Blizzard and Electronic Arts shortly.

Boohoo is one that I already own but I need to learn more about the other players in the Ecommerce arena.

Big Tech
I’m a big fan of Amazon, and really want to spend some time analysis them. They cover all my main areas with big tech, ecommerce and gaming.

I also want to start or refine previous analysis of Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Google.

Electric Power / Hydrogen Power
This sector is getting too big and interesting for me to ignore anymore. I have tried not to get sucked into the Telsa hype (although I wish I did sometimes!) and I have read bits and pieces about the sector. Howver there is more I need to understand before I can start picking stocks to invest in. So hoping to get time to look into this.

Thanks for reading, see you next month for the year end review!

Good Luck and Happy Investing