BHB Portfolio – Weekly Update – 31.07.20

August 1, 2020 0 By bullheadedbear
  • Portfolio down 1% from previous week
  • Top of the Class: AML, AAPL, TSG. HGM, NOK, SWKS, SSLN
  • Naughty Step: BNC, BT, LLOY, BARC, GVC, SPCE
  • Purchases: GFIN, GSK,
  • Sales: TWL
  • Dividends: TSG

Weekly Summary

Weekly Performance: -1%
2020 Performance: +0.4%

Strange week for the BHB Portfolio driven completely by earnings. Some good results driving nice gains, but the banks have really pulled down the portfolio this week.

I have already trimmed some of the portfolio in recent months but I think I will be reducing it a little more. I made one sale this month but will be reviewing the portfolio over the next few weeks to make sure it only holds the strongest of positions.


GlaxoSmithKline Plc (GSK)

Buy Price: £15.50
Fair Value Calculation: £21.24
Analysts Estimates: £18.73
Dividend Yield: 5.14%

A further top up on GlaxoSmithKline Plc. A company I believe has a strong future and currently undervalued with a strong dividend yield.

Gfinity Plc (GFIN)

Buy Price: £0.028
Fair Value Calculation: £0.035
Analysts Estimates: £0.12
Dividend Yield: N/A

Another addition to a current holding. A speculative play in esports.


Tullow Oil Plc (TLW)

Sale Price: £0.25
Profit/Loss: 51%

I have held Tullow Oil Plc (TLW) for a while now and really should have let go earlier. After the Oil drama earlier in the year and the virus the company has been hit hard and hasn’t been able to recover yet. It could be a long time before this company and price can recover so it is time to cut the loses and put the cash to better use. The % loss is painful but luckily the position was small so the damage is manageable.

BHB Radar & Wishlist

I am still watching the big US tech stocks but need to understand the valuation more as the prices are rising but so are the fundamentals. Trying to get into these at value is hard to do as understand what value is at the moment is not as simple as it used to be.

I’m also keen to look out for the value income stocks, so will be watching the general markets to see what is happening.

Thanks for reading, see you next week!

Good Luck and Happy Investing