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July 11, 2020 0 By bullheadedbear
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What is News Now?

News Now is an online news resource that pulls in published material from tens of thousands of different sources.

The platform is not just an investor news service; it covers various topics from world news to arts & entertainment.


Although News Now is a platform that provides access to news on almost any topic, it is an excellent resource for investors as you can access endless investment news. See below for more details.


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Investment News – Investment Research

What makes this site so valuable is the ability to search for any term you want. So, for example, you can search for a particular company and get all the related news – example below for Rio Tinto stock news.

Searching for specific company news allows you to see what has been happening and get a good feeling of how it is being perceived in the media.

News Now Investment News, Stock Market News, Company News

You can search for information on economic results such as “US jobs report,” which will provide the articles covering the latest numbers. Alternatively, if you want a quick overview of a particular market, you can search, for example, “FTSE 100”, which will return you key headlines related to the FTSE 100.

News Now is also configured to allow you to search for any specific terms, which is helpful for sector research. For example, searching “5G” will display all the news related to 5G, and you will see the heavily involved companies in this sector.

It is free to create an account, and once signed in, you can personalise your view. This can be from UK stock market news down to company-specific news. You can add forex pairs such as GBP/USD to your favourites or commodities such as gold or lumber.

News Now is a free, no-frills news database that can significantly aid your research.