BHB Portfolio – Weekly Update – 17.07.20

July 18, 2020 1 By bullheadedbear
  • Portfolio up 3.4% % from previous week
  • Top of the Class: ERIC, SPCE, HHPD, AML, SSE
  • Naughty Step: BABA, MSFT,
  • Purchases: APF
  • Sales: SPCE
  • Dividends: GSK

Weekly Summary

Weekly Performance: + 3.4%
2020 Performance: +4.5%

So big tech finally pulled back a bit but the portfolio finished with a strong week and now +4.5% for the year.

I’m stull nervous of another big drop with a lot of talk now or Covid markets recovery looking more like a W with a second big drop before returning to previous levels. Due to this I only made 1 purchase last week which was a top up an average down of a previous holding. I also made a sale of one speculative stock due to big weekly move and taking some profits out.

There was also one dividend payment made from GlaxoSmithKline Plc (GSK) which was a welcome income with many others not paying at the moment.


Anglo Pacific Group (APF)

Buy Price: £1.30
Fair Value Calculation: £1.63
Analysts Estimates: £1.93
Dividend Yield: 6.8%

This was simply a top up while averaging down of a stock I believe has good potential with plenty of room for price growth while also paying a strong dividend. This stock is part of the Income Portfolio.


Virgin Galactic Holdings, inc. (SPCE)

Sale Price: $24 / £19.10
Profit/Loss: 43.6%

Virgin Galactic Holdings, inc. (SPCE) was up over 20% this week after a 17% increase the previous week. This stock is in the Speculative Portfolio and will continue to hold for the long term however, I wanted to take some profit out of this rally. I sold 25% of my holdings taking 43.6% profit from that proportion. I re purchase shares when the price drops back to lower support levels (hopefully!).

BHB Radar & Wish-List

This week I will continue to hold back and watch what is happening with the overall markets with some possible additions to existing holdings if the price is right.

I will be watching the big tech stocks very closely to see if they continue to decline as well as looking at the earnings reports coming this week.

Thanks for reading, see you next week!

Good Luck and Happy Investing