BHB Portfolio – Weekly Update – 26.06.20

June 27, 2020 0 By bullheadedbear
  • Portfolio down -1.3% from previous week
  • Top of the Class: NCC, CEY, MIRI, HHPD, SPCE
  • Naughty Step: AML, CNA, RCH, APF, TLW
  • Purchases: None
  • Sales: None
  • Dividends: RDSB, DGOC

Weekly Summary

Weekly Performance: -1.3%
2020 Performance: -2.4%

Another quiet week for activity in the BHB Portfolio. No purchases were made as the nothing was quite in buying range. Plus with recent news on the virus and economic stats I want to ensure I’m not taking on additional risk that is not needed.

There were two dividends received both from the energy sector. Royal Dutch Shell Plc (RDSB) paid 12.69p per share which is considerably lower than previous payments but at least they haven’t cut it completely. Although cutting the dividend isn’t great for my income strategy it is the right thing to do for the business and help support the longer term outlook, plus with the price drop the dividend yield was over 12%. Diversified Gas & Oil Plc (DGOC) paid 2.836p which is inline with previous payments and over vs the same time last year. DGOC have not announced any cuts to dividend and they are currently forecasts to return a 11.7% dividend yield which is great. I just need to keep an eye on their free cash flow to ensure the dividend is sustainable as it have been increasing the last few year but is forecasted to reduce significantly next year.


No purchases this week

B-H-B Radar & Wish-list

I will keep an eye on the markets for any stocks showing value as normal but I want to focus my attention over the next week on the current holdings. With the constant changes in the economy and more news coming out every day I want to spend some time reviewing the current BHB Portfolio.

Over the weekend I want to review the current holdings and check their financial stability and forecasts now that we are a few months into lock down. There are talks of cities shutting down again after reopening due to cases increasing so it is a good time to see if there is any risk to take of the table or any profits to bank.

The markets have been on a good rally since the initial drop in March due to all the fiscal stimulus but I’m conscious a bit of fear could soon drag it back down again.

Thanks for reading, see you next week!

Good Luck and Happy Investing