At Bull Headed Bear, we are passionate about finding good value stocks. Our fundamental analysis consists of different valuation methods, including financial models.

A typical stock analysis post has a table of contents similar to the below:

  • Company Introduction
  • Shareholder Ownership
  • Financial Statements Review
    • Income Statement
    • Balance Sheet
    • Cash Flow Statement
  • Valuation Review
    • Analysts Consensus & Targets
    • Comparable Analysis
    • Valuation Multiples
    • Discounted Cash Flow Model / DCF Model
  • Valuation Overview

Discounted Cash Flow Model – DCF Model

Bull Headed Bear fundamental analysis - stock valuation. Discounted Cash Flow Model - DCF Model and Valuation, Intrinsic value vs market value - searching for good investments.
EXAMPLE: Bull Headed Bear DCF Model & Valuation

The purpose of our dcf models is to understand how the company’s intrinsic value compares to its market value and answer the question: Is the stock a good investment?

We generally create two models, the first having a terminal value based on the EBITDA exit and the second with a terminal value based on the perpetual growth rate. We also look at three different scenarios for the models: Bear Case, Base Base & Bull Case.

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