Bull Headed Bear has been created to help with the initial steps of starting to invest. It is to support your own learning, and it will evolve it over time.

I have been investing for several years now and my only regret is not starting earlier. The more I learn about investing, the more I believe others could benefit from it. However I think the initial steps are the hardest to take due to the sheer volume of information available about investing. I have created this site to support this initial stage.

There are statistics available that show 54% of Americans invest in the stock market compared to only 20% of Brits. Of that 20% of Brits, the majority only hold a few shares that are not being actively managed.

STATS SHOW 54% of Americans invest in the stock market compared to only 20% of Brits.

Money management is not a skill taught in school. A basic savings account or ISA is generally the default mechanism for growing money.

The majority of people are not aware that other options are available or perhaps they find it too daunting to even think about. The right guidance should be available to everyone allowing people to benefit from the wide range of Investment opportunities.

There is a vast library of websites and videos available with all the information required to benefit from the investing world. Personally, the initial challenge was knowing where to start to understand the basics.

I hope this website saves you time and provides you with the foundations to help you on your investment journey.

Please note: Information on this site should not be classed as financial advice nor is it promoting specific investments. This information is provided to help you but ensure you do your own due diligence, research and learning.

Thank you for visiting the Bull Headed Bear.

Good luck with your future investments.