Bull Headed Bear.com is the home of the BULL HEADED BEAR INVESTMENT BLOG. This is where I will share the progress of the BHB Portfolio as well as explain any changes or events.

I have also added several pages to this website to help anyone who is just getting started in the investment world. There are thousands of sites out there with all the information you could ever need so I will not be reinventing the wheel. However, when I first started I didn’t know where to look first and it was a little over whelming. I have put together some of the basics to help beginners get started, things that I would have found really useful when first starting out.

Use this information to help you through those first few steps in your journey. Then you can roam the rest of the internet for further details, but hopefully it will not seem quite as intimidating.

Thank you for visiting the Bull Headed Bear.

Good luck with your investments.

Please note: Information on this site is not financial advice nor is it promoting specific investments. This information is provided to help you but ensure you do your own due diligence, research and learning.

Latest Posts

BHB Portfolio – Weekly Update – 07.08.20
Portfolio up 3.9% from previous weekTop of the Class: SSLN (Silver), AML, DIS, AV, GVC, RRNaughty Step: SPCE, DGE, RCHPurchases: NoneSales: …
BHB Portfolio – Weekly Update – 31.07.20
Portfolio down 1% from previous weekTop of the Class: AML, AAPL, TSG. HGM, NOK, SWKS, SSLNNaughty Step: BNC, BT, LLOY, BARC, …
BHB Portfolio – Weekly Update – 24.07.20
Portfolio down -2.7% from previous weekTop of the Class: HGM, SSLN (Silver), GGP, PAF, ULVRNaughty Step: GVC, AML, RCH, HHPDPurchases: GSK, …
BHB Portfolio – Weekly Update – 17.07.20
Portfolio up 3.4% % from previous weekTop of the Class: ERIC, SPCE, HHPD, AML, SSENaughty Step: BABA, MSFT, Purchases: APFSales: SPCEDividends: …